Hotelied Rewards Your Social Media Influence With Booking Discounts

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Our long-fought quest to turn our procrastinating hours into tangible benefits has finally been heard. Thanks to Hotelied, your social media following and activity will save you money on your next hotel booking. Let me explain.

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Hotelied is a platform matching travellers with luxury hotels looking for influential clients. Discounts (up to 50%!) are awarded to celebrities, big spenders and people with influence. If it’s not your case, don’t you worry: ‘Everyone who signs up will be entitled to some discount, the amount will vary though depending on the client’s specific customer need’, declared Hotelied’s Co-founder and CEO Zeev Sharon to the DailyMail.

When signing up, both parties clarify what they are looking for in terms of accommodation or clients and Hotelied does the match in the likes of Tinder. Hotels can target the traits of the clients they want, such as strong following on Twitter or LinkedIn for instance. The goal is obviously to attract influential people so they can see how good the hotel is and spread the word to their followers.

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190 premium hotels located in 22 countries are currently listed on the site, so options are aplenty and it’s likely to grow in the months ahead.

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It is not the first platform rewarding social media activity, but what is awesome about Hotelied is that discounts are offered to absolutely everyone, from Katy Perry to… us, “normal people” (although we’re all awesome in our own way!).

Before rounding up this article let me add this: DO NOT even consider buying followers to get a bigger discounts, your influence will be scrutinized by the Hotelied staff. So if the ratio number of followers/interaction is ridiculously low, you won’t qualify.

Do you know any more websites rewarding social media activity? Let us know in the comments section!

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