Host Chat Rooms Events on Your Facebook Pages

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Admins: Have you ever though about bringing in chat rooms on your Facebook page?
Readers: Would you be interested in chatting with brands that own pages you have liked?

Huffly allows page administrators to create communities on their pages, where they can chat with users and create chat events, and it can be used for guest or celebrity chats, question-and-answer sessions, customer support, and instant feedback, among other things.

The application allows page admins to remain within the Facebook environment and maintain a two-way dialog with users who like their pages.

Why should you add Huffly to your page? Because:

  • Make Your Facebook Page Exciting
    Turn likes into members of a vibrant community where they can chat with each other. Huffly adds a “Chat” tab on your Facebook page and makes it a lot more popular and exciting.
  • You’re The Admin
    If someone misbehaves, you can kick them out or ban them with one click. All page admins become administrators in the chat room. You can also make additional moderators.

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