“Highlights” Come to Facebook Feed

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Facebook has been toying with the idea of giving an extra push to your most important moments. After the introduction of major life events (e.g. child births, marriages etc), Facebook has launched the Look Back project, which has been extremely popular with among the members of the social network.

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New reports claim that Facebook will not just stop there. A new idea has been put to the table which will reportedly highlight the most important events happening in your network and that appear on your home feed. This may mean that simple status updates will not bear the same gravitas as life events.

The update is visible on the latest Facebook update for iOS. You now have a new tab called “Highlights” which includes a list of recent Life Events from friends such as a new romantic relationship, starting a job, moving, graduating, or anything posted through the Life Events creator, as Techcrunch reports.



Our opinion? Facebook is turning into a big publishing house, so getting back to the roots of why we signed up there in the first place is always a nice surprise.

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