Hidden Features: There Is More To Facebook’s Instant Articles

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Undoubtedly, the news of the week have been Facebook’s Instant Articles which allow faster loading of articles, more interactivity and better content consumption on iOS devices. But it seems like this update has other hidden features as well.

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One of them is the ability to share on other social networksTwitter included. As VentureBeat noticed, with the new Instant Articles feature, users have the option to share their articles on Pinterest and Twitter. Before, without Instant Articles, it was certainly not possible to share Facebook content on other social networks.

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This is a brave step for Facebook. In its attempt to appeal to more brands and publishers, it gave up a little bit of its power to help its partners establish a more robust social media authority.

Moreover, this move signifies another important event in the social media field: Facebook establishes its position as a content search and discovery platform, leaving behind past rivalries and putting the “content distribution” tag on the rest of the social networks.

Let’s see how this story develops – it will be interesting!

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