Heineken Will Produce 15-Second Film From Tweets

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Heineken is up for creating a 15-second blockbuster using your tweet. You heard it right, the famous beer brand is entering the silver screen and it’s ready to win awards.

This whole story started a few weeks ago, when Heineken created the hashtag  #15secondpremier, inviting its 35 thousands followers to tweet their ideas about the upcoming project. Cool detail? Each pitch should be included in a single tweet.

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The story doesn’t end there. Heineken will premiere the 15-second film at Tribeca Film festival, which will be held within the following weeks. The engagement stats were overwhelming. Almost 2.000 tweets were tweeted using the #15secondpremiere hashtag. According to Andrea Folkerts, jr. brand manager for sponsorships and events at Heineken, 850 pitches were eligible for the contest.

According to the same source, the initiative behind the idea was:

“[…] taking the director from the keyboard to the limelight at Tribeca. We’re encouraging them to open their world.”

Pitches varied from hilarious to random to everyday scenery we can all relate to (but no movie talks about it whatsoever).



The winner will be selected based on the number of retweets, creativity and entertainmenet factors, as well as the feasibility of realising the scenario in 15 seconds. After the Tribeca premiere, the film will be uploaded to Heineken’s social channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. In addition to that, Heineken will add a behind-the-scenes Youtube video.

Do you like Heineken’s initiative?

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