Have You Seen The New Snapchat Trophy Case?

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Here is one for you: did you know Snapchat had started to offer “trophies” for achievements?

Well, to be honest, neither did we. Until now.

UPDATE (15/9): Snapchat has now launched the feature for everyone.

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It seems like Snapchat has introduced the new “trophy case” in the sneakiest way, by putting it in the app without telling anyone about it. It was not even in the list of updates brought to the iPhone app recently.

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The “trophy case” is where you can collect trophies (obviously) for achievements you have unlocked using the app. Right now, it contains several “trophies” you can unlock by doing specific things within the app, like “Send 10 Snaps with front facing flash on” for example.


Trophies are emoji, apparently. Right now we can only see a few, but we are guessing Snapchat will be adding more. Also, the whole thing is a bit broken at this stage, with all the trophies requiring you to do the same achievements. These are likely to early bird bugs – maybe the reason why Snapchat has been so quiet about the new feature?

Where Can You Access This “Hidden” New Feature?

To access trophies, you should swipe down on the small arrow at the top of your home screen – that’s the one with your Snapcode on.


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