Hands-Free Tinder Lets You Swipe With Your Heartbeat

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Tinder has always been a kind of its own. Is it a dating site? Is it a social network? A bit of both would be the real answer. It has revolutionised online dating. Using the mechanics of social networking, Tinder lets you decide who you would want to start a conversation with.

Tinder is mostly based on photos, yet it is our brain that still decides whether we will swipe left or right.

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Well, it was only a matter of time before someone decided it was the heart that should be making the decision. T3, an Austin based marketing agency, has created a “hands free” version of Tinder that allows you to swipe left or right, based on your heartbeat!

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The app relies on the heartbeat monitor of the Apple Watch. The idea is that if you see someone you like on Tinder, your heartbeat will go up. T3 uses this change in your heartbeat to decide to “swipe right.” On the contrary, if your heartbeat slows down, the app will “swipe left” for you.

With this clever, yet very direct, approach, T3 is giving back its full rights to the heart. Because love should never be based on brain logic, right?

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