Guess Who Deleted You On Facebook?

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Facebook took down the app. “Who Deleted Me was intended to be a useful tool to enhance users’ Facebook experience,” the app’s developer said in a statement. “But Facebook did not see it the same way.”

Well obviously, it’s not a bunch of hipster Disney princesses, but yes, there is now a very cool and easy way to find out who deleted you on Facebook. Actually, there’s an app for that and it is simply called: Who Deleted Me On Facebook.

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It is the most intriguing question for Facebook users: how do I know who deleted me? The truth is that even when you find the answer to that question, you will still have to figure out if your friend has left Facebook – i.e. they have deactivated their account – or actually deleted you.

Who Deleted Me On Facebook does just that. It lets you keep track of your friends list, lets you know who left Facebook, who removed you from their friends list and who you, yourself, have chosen to remove or block.

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But don’t get too hasty here. When you install the app, it will not be able to show you who has deleted you straight away, the app only starts tracking this from the time you set it up (would have been too easy otherwise), the main reason being that Facebook does not provide this information.


And another good news: the app also exists as a browser extension for your laptop/desktop. Although I strongly suggest you choose to use the app from your phone for more comfort and privacy.

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