Griffin’s BreakSafe Power Cable Brings MagSafe Back To Your MacBook

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Missing the MagSafe on your brand new MacBook or MacBook Pro? It’s no secret that when Apple started to take away ports from its new MacBook and MacBook Pro offering, it also took away one of the things that would keep your investment safe from clumsiness. But there is a solution from Griffin. 

If you spend as much time travelling and working from different places as I do – cafes, airports, couches – your MagSafe charging cable has probably saved that Apple laptop of yours quite a few times. A cable that detaches from your device so easily, is extremely practical, especially if you’re working in environments where you or others are likely to trip over it.

But, much to the chagrin of people who work on the go, one thing missing from last year’s new MacBook, is ports. It only has one USB-C port. The same applies for this year’s new MacBook Pros. You will have noticed by now, that they only have two, or four, USB-C ports. No MagSafe!

Griffin has a solution. It’s the Griffin BreakSafe Power Cable.

The BreakSafe is a 6ft charging cable that comes in two parts. One part goes inside the USB-C port on your laptop, with a small bit protruding. That attaches magnetically to the rest of the charging cable. When force is applied, the two parts come apart, without your laptop violently crashing to the ground.

In last year’s MacBooks (which only had one port) BreakSafe wasn’t entirely practical, as it’s only for power. You can’t use it to connect anything else to your laptop. This may be slightly impractical. If you don’t need to run any external drives or a display, you’ll be fine. You’re unlikely to be connecting either while working on the go anyway.

Still, if you’re interested in extending your ports and using the BreakSafe as well, you can always get your hands on the Satechi Type-C USB Combo Hub.

Griffin’s BreakSafe Cable does have a chance to shine on the new MacBook Pros as they have multiple USB-C ports, allowing you to keep one permanently “clumsy-proof.” It also works with any other laptop that uses USB-C as a charging port. Chromebook Pixel fro example.

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