Got Two Hours To Waste? Here’s An Invisible Film For You

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Wieden + Kennedy’s standard approach to their campaigns has been fairly simple: Go big or go home. Even when it comes to stupid.

Yes, stupid. I mean, it all depends on the client, eventually, but Old Spice has a reputation for going all-on weird and giving us some of the most hilarious yet bizarre manifestations of creativity and advertising. So, from that perspective, it looks like a match made in heaven.

Their latest effort includes a full-feature 2-hour film, called Invisible World. The film is about Old Spice’s deodorant which is, as the title suggests, invisible. The story goes like this: Michael Peters is an average 18 year-old, dumped by his girlfriend who visits its local video store. Things happen there, and he opens a vortex for aliens to come to Earth. Mayhem ensues. Here’s the catch though: All action is invisible – Photoshop transparent to be precise.

That’s right, for the next 2 hours, viewers sit back and enjoy an invisible film, interrupted only by some subtitles and the occasional green suit man. Want more weirdness? It even has its own IMDB entry.

Funny, WTF or brilliant? The truth is that Old Spice in partnership with W+K have long established the brand’s tone of voice and audience, so they’re rightfully granted with freedom to go a bit crazy.

Check out Invisible World below.

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