Google Shows Relevant Tweets: A Strategic Analysis

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Just a few days ago, we wrote about the collaboration of Google and Twitter, which will bring relevant tweets and accounts, whenever a Google search is performed. Today, we will try to dig a little bit deeper and see what this really means for marketers.

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For all those involved in digital marketing, these news may be exciting and dreadful at the same time – however, they cannot go unnoticed. So, here’s our analysis of what this means for you, your brand and your social media strategy. 

Real Time Marketing

Twitter‘s and Google‘s partnership means that you can no longer go without having a real-time marketing component in your strategy. If you work for the publishing sector you already know that; if you’re working for a brand you need to provision for your prospect followers and customers to find information that’s relevant to the current news agenda – without compromising the brand agenda.

Content Curating

Twitter’s and Google’s partnership means a lot for content curation as well. Your tweets will be indexed and retrievable from here to eternity, so make sure that every word you put out there abides by the brand positioning and the corresponding tone of voice.

Customer Service

At first, this may seem irrelevant, but it’s not. All brands go through some sort of social media crisis in the past. We all know that controversial content attracts attention and engagement. With Google indexing “important” tweets first, those kind of past crises may resurface. If you have handled it gracefully, you may disregard this or even created a case study for everyone to see; You have already learned valuable lessons. If not, well, you have to do something GOOD about it.

Brush Up Your Profiles

This partnership has two main goals: making Google Tweet-friendly and Twitter user-friendly. From content discovery to customer acquisition, you have to make sure that every step of the way is paved with the best of intentions. Take a look at your Twitter profile: Are your cover and profile images correct? Do you have a captivating bio? Have you taken advantage of pinned tweets? Every one of these actions help you sell your product and offering, without screaming it. Don’t let them ruin all your hard effort.

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