Google+ Makes Promoted Posts A Reality For All

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We had already reported back in December, that Google+ was about to launch its own advertising solutions. These ads although very similar to Facebook‘s Sponsored Stories at first, would actually be much different than what we got used to on Facebook. In fact, instead of promoting content and pages within the very same social network, it will take advantage of all the Google Display network.

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Earlier last week, Google+ finally announced that its solution is now available for all active pages, counting more than 1,000 followers. This new feature, named +Post Ads will take brand pages to another level, as they will offer interactive advertising throughout the internet.

More particularly, users will have the ability to +1, comment and share the post without leaving the website they’re visiting. Beware, though, as you will definitely need to be already logged in into your Google+ account – if you’re a Gmail user, then worry not, thanks to the integration of these two services.

toyota +post ads google+

+Post Ads offer full access to the original picture of engagement, by expanding it in a lightbox. Brands are only charged when users engage with their content. The first brand page to test this new feature is Toyota, which realised its Corolla 2014 Campaign using +Post Ads. Photos, Videos and Hangouts were shared and proved to work well for the company.

Check out the video below:

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