Google Makes it Easy to Know Which Images You Can Reuse

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Whether you are a professional blogger, doing social media for clients or simply branding yourself, you most certainly used images you found on Google at some point. And there is always the risk of reusing copyrighted material, which could eventually result in lawsuits (worse case scenario). Well now Google is bringing the solution.

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Starting today, Google is making image search more convenient for those who are seeking pictures to use in their publications as you can now sort images by licensing rights under ‘Search Tools”, as reported by Matt Cutts, head of the Webspam Team at Google.

This tool has actually been available for a while on Google but being located in “advanced search”, only a few users would actually use it.

This is good news for all internet users who like to express themselves using pictures as they will now avoid the potential legal risks of using copyrighted images.

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