Google Image Search Gets Really ‘Pinteresting’

by • August 2, 2017 • GoogleComments Off on Google Image Search Gets Really ‘Pinteresting’3220

Pinterest may be the new search engine, but Google is not willing to lose its place. The tech giant has just upgraded the way its image search works, including more info and context in its search results.

Android users will now have the opportunity to further explore their image search results, as Google is adding badges on images that show what the next steps are – for instance, if you’re searching for cupcakes, you’ll see badges for both video and recipe results. Sounds like Pinterest? Well, good ideas are worth copying.

Tapping on the badge will let you take the next step, whether that’s a recipe to follow, or a video to watch, or a product to buy. This way, Google is providing a bit more context about the origin of the search result.

Earlier this year, Google introduced Style Ideas, an improvement on image search which surfaces a grid of inspirational lifestyle images and outfits that showcase how a product can be worn in real life, along with similar products that spread across a wide price range.

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