Google Hints To Big Changes on Google+

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Contrary to what many people believe, Google+ is not dead… It’s actually still growing, albeit at a slow pace. There’s actually pretty much going on with the platform lately. According to Bradley Horowitz, Google’s head of Streams and Photos, the platform is here to stay, but it is going through many changes. Those, we are starting to witness in the past few months.

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Earlier in the month we reported that Shared Circles were being phased out of Google+. Back in March, we heard that Photos and Streams might be the death of Google+ as we know it. More recently though, Google launched Photos which, it seems, will give services like Dropbox a run for its money. So, what’s happening? At Google’s I/O Conference late in May, Bradley Horowitz explained that Google+ is being “rethought” and is going to change a lot as a product.

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He explained that Google+ is where people want to connect around their interests and passions,” – meaning that the company will emphasise on online interest communities… Photography for example?

Photos however, is a service of its own, independent of Google+. It’s not a social network, but a file management service. As Horowitz went on to explain

“It’s not clear that personal photo management syncs with the mission … of Google+. The concept of photo storage isn’t the same as photo sharing. Google Photos is that private secure, safe place where all of my memories can live without compromise.”

That still doesn’t mean that Photos won’t become something more complex than this… we just don’t know that, or it’s role for the time being. Yet, we know that there are major changes on the horizon that might make Google+ unrecognisable very soon. Check out the Google I/O 2015 Keynote below

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