Google+ Hangouts Allows Free International Calls

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Google+ announced yesterday that it will start offering free 60 seconds international calls to 25 destinations, through its Hangouts platform. This is the latest feature in a series of improvements that were released the past few months.

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It’s been pretty busy period for every major social networks, with promoting messaging and voice features being the latest trend. Facebook is building a powerful Messenger app with voice support and, lately, drawing messages functionality. Google+ has been offering video and voice chats, cheering functionality and free US and Canada calls through its mobile and desktop app.

According to the announcement, a minute may not be enough to start a lengthy conversation, but it may be fine for checking up on your loved ones and delivering an important message. The countries where this feature is now available include Australia, France, Germany, Italy among others.

It’s pretty obvious that Hangouts wants to compete with Viber, Skype and Messenger, but will it make it?

You can see a screenshot of the Hangouts app (courtesy of TheNextWeb) below:


Do you use Hangouts for your calls?

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