Google Embraces Real-Time Marketing With The Help of Twitter

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Back in February, we had written about Twitter‘s and Google‘s agreement to leave bad blood behind and reinitiate their beautiful collaboration. It was then announced that Google would start indexing tweets again, on a prioritisation basis.

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With its latest announcement, Twitter confirms that indexing is progressing – FAST. Everything you have ever tweeted in the past and plan to tweet in the future will be up on Google for anyone to see, search and discover. Everything you may post at a certain time, can be shown to the search results of other users, moments after you post it.

The only condition here is that your tweets have to be relevant. What does this mean? Let’s take it one by one.

As Jan Rezab, CEO of Social Bakers brilliantly put, Google pretty much sucks at real-time. Twitter can be the main destination for marketers when they want to perform RTM, however, its user base can’t really compete with that of Facebook.

So, here we have a tour-de-force from the two social networks. Google is where everyone (still) goes when it comes to search and Twitter is where everyone interested in what’s-happening-NOW heads to. Can you see the connection? Twitter will give Google a little bit of its nowness charm , which will return the favour by awarding higher search result rankings.

So, if you’re looking for your favourite show on google, all related tweets will appear on your screen, along with the accompanying media. And what’s your second screen of choice? That’s correct; your mobile screen. That’s why this synergy will be available to mobile apps and mobile web, first.

Google Shows Related Tweets in Search Results

And this is what a fine example of what Tit For Tat really means my friends. Enjoy!

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