Google And Twitter Take on Facebook’s Instant Articles

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Just a few months ago, Twitter and Google rekindled their romance with an agreement to display tweets in real-time for each Google search that is performed. And this cooperation is now going a step further, with the introduction of a new kind of “Instant Articles“.

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As the name suggests, the obvious inspiration for this move was Facebook’s Instant Articles. Indeed, Twitter users or Google search users can click on a link and see the article load on a pop up window instantly, without them having to wait on their devices. Instead of loading the page though, users will get to see a snapshot of the webpage the wish to visit and read.

But there’s a twist. While Facebook is notoriously known for its walled garden approach, Twitter and Google are going for open source, which means that developers will get to contribute to its further development and integration. The overall goal is to lead to higher publisher adoption rate with the flexibility of an ever-growing product.

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This solution could prove to be an effective answer to Facebook’s Instant articles; The social network has been long known for its partnerships with publishers. Moreover, it’s common knowledge that many social networking platforms are investing heavily on content discovery, such as Snapchat’s Discover feature.

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