Google Analytics has Been Given a Redesign

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Google has recently given Google Analytics a facelift, based on Avinash Kaushik’s approach. He is considered to be the world’s web analytics rockstar.

Avinash’s theory is that marketers should think of analytics and create reports based on 3 stages of user engagement:

  1. Acquisition, meaning how you get your traffic
  2. Behavior, meaning what visitors do, once you get them to interact with your site
  3. Conversion, meaning which traffic delivers on your business goals e.g. purchases

Entering the Google Analytics dashboard, you can now identify these clearly:


So, we have:


The people on your site, and where they come from geographically. Also, you can find out which device they use when they visit your site.


This metric indicates how you get your traffic and how each source of traffic is performing. You will find out that this set of reports is expanded, and that the “traffic source” has been replaced by “channels”, whereas Social, SEO, AdWords campaigns have now been unified.


What people do once they enter your site. If they stay for a long time on one specific page, if they “bounce”, if they download documents etc.


Conversions, or Outcomes concern who is converting, becoming a lead or buying a product.

If you are using Google Analytics – which you should, if you are managing a site – you will see that its new “facelift” can now better help you understand your Visitors, and if your website is reaching your goals. The structure has been altered to become more logical and to provide such context in an easier way for everyone – whether they are familiar to Analytics or not. Thus, they will be able to have even a basic understanding of what works or not on the site they are managing.



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