Why Good Content Is Everything: The Case Of A Cold Sore Remedy

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Some think that only the sexy and shiny products or services can be successful on social media. Aubio Life Sciences, is proving them wrong. Their weapon: out of the box content.

What can you do on Facebook when you are a cold sore remedy? It is not a sexy, nor a shiny, product that hundreds of thousands of people are going to want to talk about. Cold sores are taboo. Cold sores are not something you want to engage with. They are quite the ugly (and painful) thing. Yet, Aubio, has started to make a name for itself on social. And they are doing so by sharing great content that is beautifully crafted, timely, relevant, and even slightly provocative.

I’m a big fan of emotion marketing. I believe that emotions are what make good content become great content. And Aubio is 100% playing the surprise card. Their most recent content is very visual, and while it is starring their main product – a cold sore remedy – it is very visual, beautifully crafted and ultra relevant while still being “out there” and, to be honest, quite funny.

Their three most recent posts featured President Trump, a “bat sign,” a light sabre and a sombrero. Here is what it looks like:

No one wants to engage with a cold sore remedy. But who does not want to like a provocative post starring a sombrero? Well done, Aubio.

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