Going Mobile – How and What We Share

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Humans are inherently social creatures. Once upon a time we’d share our collection of rocks and show off our animal skins, and now that cassettes have died a death and mix CDs never held the same appeal, we share things that are important to us digitally, and at the click of a button.

According to a recent survey by market researchers BrainJuicer for mobile network Three, mobiles are our modern day mix tapes, with 12 million Britons using them to share and receive content every week, and with 67 million pieces of content being shared every week.

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Here’s how it breaks down:

What we share

  • 31% of shared mobile content is personal photos
  • 11% of all content is – unsurprisingly – pictures of animals

What we don’t share

  • 69% of people feel uncomfortable laughing at content showing other people’s misfortune
  • And only 1 in 4 will share it

Who we share with

  • 53% share content with ‘everyone’ – their Facebook and Twitter followers
  • 63% share content on their mobiles with their partners

Where we share

  • 85% of will use our mobiles to share content even when we’re at home
  • 51% share from the workplace
  • 30% share from the pub

Why we share

  • 75% of content is shared to make the recipient feel happy or surprise them
  • 18% of people admit to sharing content to draw attention to themselves

How we share

  • 42% of mobile sharing takes place on Facebook
  • 10% on Twitter
  • 17% is done via email
  • 19% is done via text message

When do we share

Monday – 19%
Tuesday – 18%
Wednesday – 15%
Thursday – 14%
Friday – 11%
Saturday – 10%
Sunday – 13%

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