GIGA Selfie: The World’s Largest Selfie Machine

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Everyone loves a good selfie (yes, even those who claim they don’t) and especially when we are somewhere nice, like during our holidays for example. It is certainly a quest for self-love, but it is above all about making a statement: I’m here and it’s awesome.

But Selfies can also be a great marketing tool, especially when your business is tourism. So Tourism Australia created “The GIGA Selfie,” an original way of adding as much Australia in everyone’s selfies.

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“The GIGA selfie” is an original idea that has been rolled out in few of Australia’s most touristic areas.

A selfie can usually be taken only as far as your arm can reach. Or, as far as your selfie stick can reach. But even then, it would usually only include your face, maybe your friends’ faces too, but never much of the background.


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So Tourism Australia – obviously keen to show as much Australian background as possible in each selfie – created “The GIGA selfie” machine, a concept that allows people to take selfies from a wide-angle camera set over 100 meters away. Now you have a selfie, where you still are very much the central element, but the photo also includes a lot of the beautiful Australian scenery in the background.


The photo is automatically sent to your smartphone and you can then crop, resize, re-center… to get the perfect Australian selfie and share it proudly with your friends. Awesome?

Check out the full story on video:

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