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GIFs are awesome, aren’t they? They often make content on sites like Tumblr much more entertaining. And now that we can also share them on Twitter and Pinterest, there is nor reason not to use them!

But there is a couple of  things that are not very cool about GIFs:

  1. When you love a GIF, it is really hard to find where it came from
  2. It is rather difficult to make your own

Well GIFYouTube, a new (awesome) web app, is coming to solve both of these.

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With GIFYouTube, it has become amazingly easy to make your own GIF, starting from any YouTube video you like.  What’s even more top, your GIF will have sound and can be clicked to head back to the source YouTube video!

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Here is a quick GIF I made in 2 minutes to celebrate the amazing dunks by Zach Lavine during the 2015 NBA slam-dunk contest last weekend:

Making your own is extremely easy. First, head over to YouTube and search for a video. Once you found one you like and want to make a GIF out of it, simply add GIF inside the URL in your browser:


You will then be redirected to GIFYouTube where your video will be preloaded and you can start fixing up your GIF in 2 easy steps: select when it should start, and how long it should last before looping.


And voilà! You now have made your own GIF, with sound, and viewers will be able to link back to the source video with one single click. How awesome is that?

Try it yourself, it’s 100% Free: GIFYouTube

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