You Can Now Use Gfycat GIFs In Reddit Comment Threads

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Following Reddit’s latest design changes and new features, Gfycat has launched a bot for the platform, allowing users to browse and use over 25 million GIFs in their comments and replies. 

You may have never heard Gfycat, but chances are you have already used its GIFs – many times. Gfycat, aka “jiffy cat,” is a library of over 25 million GIFs that you can use through your iMessage keyboard, an Android app, as well as the GIF Brewery macOS application for GIF and video creation. Now, you can browse and use Gfycat’s GIFs on Reddit as well, after the company launched a new Gfycat Bot on the platform.

The bot allows Reddit users to easily insert GIFs in comment threads by first summoning the bot with the /gfycat command, and then using a phrase or keyword to search. So, if you wanted to insert a love-themed GIF, you’d use “/gfycat love.” That simple. Once the search takes place and surfaces related GIFs, you can then select the one to be used.

The move to add a Gfycat bot on Reddit is a logical one, and the two companies worked together closely to make it possible. As Gfycat CEO and co-founder Richard Rabbat explains,

We grew out of Reddit, and so much of our content reflects that. We’ve been a part of the community since day one, and since we’re a platform Reddit users have been creating the content they wanted to see for years.

The launch is also significant as it follows some recent changes at Reddit itself – namely, its redesign and new features. These make Reddit a lot more accessible to new audiences, and Gfycat’s bot adds to this accessibility, giving “Redditors an even more GIF-filled experience, in posts and in […] comments” as Reddit business development manager Dip Ghuman explains. Reddit’s Co-founder Alexis Ohanian reinforces this by saying,

We’re in a position where we can start doing product improvements that are admittedly overdue but represent a real level up for Reddit.

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