Get More YouTube Subscribers With That Very Simple Trick

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Unless you are a big YouTube celebrity, you might find it difficult to gain many new subscribers without spending money. Although this can be true, there is, however, a simple trick that could get you many more YouTube subscribers, so simple you will not believe it.

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So you are looking to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel, but you don’t want to spend any money, you want them to be real users (that of course mean you should never buy subscribers) and for them to have a genuine interest for your videos?

Well them try this: Next time you share a link to your YouTube channel, add the following string of characters to the end of the URL: ?sub_confirmation=1

As an example, say you would like to help RSPCA UK gain more subscribers in YouTube (they do an awesome job, they deserve more subscribers). Instead of sharing just the link to their channel (i.e. https://www.youtube.com/user/rspcauk), share this:


Using that little snippet will add a subscribe box popup that the visitor will see when they visit the page. Here’s what the RSCPCA UK YouTube channel would look like (you can click the link to see it live):


That simple snippet will motivate visitors who click on your link to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Try it, you will see the difference.

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