Get A Free Coffee With Just A Foursquare Check-in

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Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. The magic then relies on making it happen. This is what the mexican agency BNN did.

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With the Happy Check-in Nescafe machine, you can pay your coffee with a check-in on Foursquare, simple no? Coffee time has long been one of the most social times between people. Who does not love to take a 5 minute break and enjoy a nice coffee with friends and colleagues?

What BNN and Nescafe did is simply to make it even more social by letting your friends know you are there, having a coffee break. Moreover this machine will create awareness for both Nescafe and the venue where the machine is installed. And all this for the price of a coffee.

Does it work? Well the prototype created by BNN generated over 3000 check-ins and offered as many coffees, in only 90 days!

Here is a video showing how the machine was built and how it works (Spanish only sorry):

Cool, no?

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