Geo-Targeted Photo Unlock Coming To Snapchat?

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Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? As Business Insider reports, Snapchat is on its way to developing an exciting new feature, that will open the way for advanced gamification, both from users and brands’ perspective.

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According to the reports, some of Snapchat‘s top men (including CEO Evan Spiegel), submitted a patent document which describes the mechanism that will allow users to unlock other people’s photos, when they’re standing in the right spot.

The 35-page document also discusses how users can send photo-messages, without letting the recipients open it, inviting them to visit specific places and stand on the exact spot they took the photo, before being able to view it.

More specifically, in its patent description, Snapchat offers various different circumstances under which users can use this new feature. For instance, if you go to Venice Beach, where other Snapchat users have taken pictures before, by raising your phone to snap your own picture, you can get a notification to view photos other users have taken before you.

The same goes with your friends. In addition, if a friend takes a picture while at Venice Beach, he or she can send a message to their friends, inviting them to visit the location, in order to view the picture.


Although this concept may sound too complicated, in fact it’s not. Moreover, even if there’s is no official word on the patent -which was submitted late last year- it still shows Snapchat‘s dedication in developing its product, by offering features that expand its current suite of geo-targeted functions: location-based community filters and Geo-located ‘Our Story’ feature.

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