Gap: A Soap Opera Reveals The Power of Instagram Video

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Instagram video is turning into a powerful tool for digital advertising and brands immediately embraced it as an effective marketing effort. As soon as Instagram introduced the looping plays on its videos, marketers knew that this is a great addition.

That’s when Gap decided to take Instagram video marketing to the next level, by promoting their Spring collection through a series of mini-videos.

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“Spring is weird” follows the romance of Paul Dano and Jenny Slate, unfolding in 12 videos, each of 15 seconds, one per week. Each video will be an indirect promotion to their new clothing line, focusing on story, rather than the product, in a creative and unique way.

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Why Choose Instagram For Marketing?

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks and the engagement level is very high. Although it might not (yet) allow active links, this is a way to inspire creativity, and promote your product in new ways.

That’s how visual content gets different and that’s what makes an effective Instagram presence. By the time it introduced video ads, brands knew that this was their chance to try new ideas and leave old-fashioned promotion aside. And then came the idea of looping video.

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How Looping Videos Affect The Success Of A Campaign

Many marketers were super excited when Instagram introduced the idea of looping videos. The fact that a video may now be played continuously allows the brands to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns, especially when they manage to create a video that users really want to check out again.

That’s what Gap managed to do with this campaign. They tried to include, in just 15 seconds, a story that makes you want to watch it over and over again, so you can understand every details of it. Looping videos are ideal for this and that’s why they picked Instagram.

As it seems, there are more campaigns to expect soon featuring Instagram videos. How is your creativity going now? Is it time to think of new ideas for the promotion of your brand?

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