Fun Pop Mashup Of The Week #71

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Right then, is anyone else feeling like 2016 is moving at the speed of light? How are we four months past Christmas already? I still remember all the chocolate I had! But it is getting warmer so I am going to embrace all that jazz instead.

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Let’s catch up on some quality mash time… we have a few things to discuss.

Video Fools

Ah, April Fools. The most beloved, or the most hated “holiday” that ever was. Some people embrace the hilarity of it all, others get fed up with all the gags. Love it or hate it though, brands simply MUST join the fun. If you’re in the brand game, you have to play at April Fools.

From Craft toilet paper, to aerosol TVs, and V-LCRO car seats, here are the funniest fake ads on YouTube. I did the Twitter roundup last year, so I thought I’d give you the top video “lols” this time around.

Google did a self-driving bike in Amsterdam

…and parachute deliveries too

Lexus came up with a V-LCRO seat

T-Mobile thought up a headset enabling you to watch videos at ALL times

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Web Fools

But even better than the videos, we had the new company/product and full website to match prank. Across the web, and featuring everything from the Zuckerberg H&M collection, to Hipster Air, serious effort was put into this gag site and this one. See for yourselves:

Now your pets can experience the joy of Imgur.

Imgur launching a sister site for pets to post silly photos and videos of their humans, is a pretty good one – quite frankly I am most disappointed with it being fake!


Ah, the indie years, how I miss them! If you ever downloaded polyphonic ringtones of Babyshambles or had Johnny Borrell as one of your “Heroes” on MySpace, then you should definitely jump on this hashtag wagon!

Twitter users have been confessing their most hidden indie secrets and marking them with #indieamnesty. From famous faces, to normal Joes, everyone has a secret confession of their noughties antics:

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And this absolute GEM

What’s your #indieamnesty?


Ok, ok, there’s definitely a theme to this Mash! Now, for some accounts over on Instagram, where every day is April Fools.

We have Kirby Jenner – with some 255,000 followers. He’s an “Amateur model / Lover of all things / Fraternal Twin of Kendall Jenner.” Each and every photo in the feed, places Kirby in the same frame with his “twin” Jenner, like so:

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You have to hand it to Kirby, his Photoshop skills are on fleek!

And if Kirby is Photoshopped all over Kendall, here’s Christopher Cline – the dog version of that, but to normal people. Cline offers us the Godzilla of dogs. Juji, his goldendoodle, is enlarged to hilarious proportions and placed in day-to-day (and sometimes adventurous) Instagrammable situations.

Like so:

"Dad… What does 'interspecies bromance' mean." WE'RE IN THE PAPER!!! THAT'S US! Juji and i made it into The Star Tribune (Minneapolis) this morning. Two full pages of our silly photos. There was also a huge story that you can find online at They called our relationship an 'interspecies bromance', which I thought was journalistic genius. Juji, on the other hand, is still coming to grips that we're in any kind of relationship that isn't based entirely around me giving him food. #barkbox #Bestdog #worldofcutepets #chrisandjuji #goldendoodles #dogsofinstagram  #goldendoodlesofinstagram #weeklyfluff #rsa_graphics  #ig_underground #ellen #dogsofinstaworld #dogsandpals #dogscorner #ellendegeneres #excellent_dogs #puppiesofinstagram #bestwoof #dailydoseopuppies #theellenshow #arts_help #petscorner #animaladdicts #mydogiscutest #petsofinstagram #exklusive_shot #startribune

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"How long do I have to lay here so you can make this stupid collage, Dad? Don't you know I got stuff to chew up!"….Known as #knolling, most people use this inventory shot to showcase their camera gear, food, and hiking equipment, but I'm absolutely positive my camera equipment, as well as my hiking gear and food, prove to be equally boring. So here's some stuff that my day is occupied with. And although this is not what my entire day consists of, I guarantee it makes up 70%. #barkbox #Bestdog #worldofcutepets #chrisandjuji #goldendoodles #dogsofinstagram #goldendoodlesofinstagram   #weeklyfluff #rsa_graphics #ig_underground #shotaward #dogsofinstaworld #dogsandpals #dogscorner #excellent_dogs #dog #puppiesofinstagram #bestwoof #dailydoseopuppies #instadog  @dogsandpals #petscorner #animaladdicts #mydogiscutest #petsofinstagram #exklusive_shot #hikingwithdogs #campingwithdogs

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To be fair, they are both a breath of fresh air from the typically, polished, enviable posts of the fashion blogger brigade. Go Kirby!

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