Fun Pop Mashup of the Week #39

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Final proper bank holiday of the year in the UK (before all the “winter holiday we will not mention because it’s still Summer and that is just stupid” ones)! I can’t wait, there is just something about a Monday when you should be getting up and doing serious things but instead you get up at leisure and do fun things. If money was no object type thing…

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But before we all run off into the sunset and unleash our 3-day weekend mojo, let’s do the MASH.

It’s A #Dog’n’Burger Day

So now this week we not only had #NationalDogDay but #NationalBurgerDay too on Twitter. I mean…if we could have thrown a #NationalCatDay in the mix, it would have blown my mind and probably signalled the Apocalypse. Of Awesomeness!

Brands totally got on the doggy bandwagon with these nuggets:

And then had a slap-up burger dinner like so:



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Now, you either love Star Wars or…you’ve never seen it. In which case everyone will want to get you to see it. And you should. The old ones, the originals – OF COURSE. Over on Instagram, a little Stormtrooper named Eric is taking the world by…storm!

With almost 90k followers, South African photographer Darryl Jones has created a whole story around the travels of Eric, the adventurous Stormtrooper.

He is truly loving life eating tasty deserts.

offering motivational inspo whilst riding a bike…

and even playing the bagpipes!

What more could you wish for in an Instagram follow? And speaking of Star Wars and Instagram…the trailer for the new movie due out in December hit Insta last night and it looks GOOD!

There has been an awakening… #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

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Tumblr Time

Since we live in a wondrous age where there is a Tumblr for everything…we now have one for short stories made up of example sentences in dictionary word definitions. You read right.

Dictionary stories is the work of British designer and illustrator Jez Burrows and happened as a result of Jez’s search for the full definition of the word “study”. The example sentence to illustrate the word in the New Oxford American Dictionary was as follows: “He perched on the edge of the bed, a study in confusion and misery.’

Jez thought it was almost like a piece of literature lost amongst the definitions so he started piecing them together and creating new stories from them.


Snapple Music

Apple Music are trying out the Snapchat approach to promoting their services. After billboards in NYC’s Times Square, Apple is taking a different and more discreet route to our hearts. The now infamous Snapchat Geofilter launched in June is what it’s all about with the US crowd seeing something like this in select parts of LA, near Apple store locations across the city.

Word on the street is that it went live in New York about three days ago as well with Snapchatters spotting it around the Grand Central Station.


Can anyone spot any in the UK, I wonder?

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Pop, out! Have a wondrous weekend!

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