Fun Pop Mashup of the Week #37

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So listen, I have a confession, I’ve started snoozing on the train. I’ve never been a train snoozer…or a plane or car snoozer for that matter. Always awake whilst travelling, me. But the time has clearly come for me to join the dream transport brigade. It’s like “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”  for the narcoleptic. I knew that mechanical rocking would get me one day…So if you are a train snoozer, I salute you.

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Fully awake for the weekend now though and nothing boosts energy like a good dollop of mash and a hearty laugh. Let’s do this!

Tinder Tirade

It’s pretty safe to say that Tinder has become a staple of modern day romance and pretty much everyone knows of it, uses it or knows people who use it. So it’s no surprise publications might write mention it or write about it.

But when Vanity Fair published a little article this week focusing on Tinder and its impact on long term relationships – basically arguing that it promotes short term affairs through the illusion of a permanently available pool of mates – Tinder threw a Twitter tantrum. It consisted of 31 consecutive tweets.

The account went from this:


(which I totally agree with by the way) to this:

>and this

and even this

Twitter quickly noticed, and reactions to the “Tin-rade” were, of course, priceless:

Hillary Tries Instagram Again…And Fails…AGAIN

Oh Hillary…you really need to change that social media team because it’a not getting any better. Donald and Jeb are doing Instagram better and that’s with snaps like this:

I look forward to attending & speaking at the Iowa Land Investment Expo- total sellout crowd! Landinvestmentexpo.com

A photo posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

or this:

I met a fellow joyful tortoise on my way to the Reagan Library A photo posted by Jeb Bush (@jebbush) on

Basically, the Hillary 2016 camp thought this would be cute, yet strike a chord with students across the US and receive a lot of great comments and get all those millennials voting Clinton…NOT the case.

Some were pretty pissed off and took it to Twitter:


But it’s fine as she posted this catstagram yesterday so for me, all is forgiven.

Tumblr Time

Since my love of Tumblr is clearly not a secret affair any longer, I’ve decided to include a little Tumblr Time section within the Mash. Think of it as an extra knob of delicious butter contributing to the overall flavour and texture of your favourite Friday food.

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

Nasa has conquered a new social media galaxy and setup its official Tumblr: nasa.tumblr.com. It’s going to give you “a regular dose of space” to go with the Instagram and the Twitter accounts and help us put it all in perspective when we concern ourselves with “the small things in life”.

Now love it or hate it, the “man-bun” has become a staple of male hair fashion so it was about time a Tumblr materialised on the subject. Enter, Cinnaman Bun, which replaces the hair bun with a cinnamon bun on all your favourite celeb photos like so:



Really fancy one now…

What’s In A Vine?

Ending on a Vine note, we have this video of a little boy getting swept away by a rotating foam boom in an inflatable play space in Indiana.

The original footage is so good it’s been remixed countless times to songs such as R Kelly’s “I believe I can fly” and “Only time” by Enya (my favorite): PUT THE SOUND ON!

Lata potatas!


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