Fun Pop Mashup of the Week #29

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Well, I’m all Vitamin D-ed up and it’s wonderful! With sunglasses permanently on hand, I truly feel like everything is lighter, brighter, bigger and better!

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And if you were looking for something to take this Friday to a new superlative level, it’s the MASH!


Continuing from last week’s holiday focused Instagram extravaganza, here are some accounts you might consider following if you have still not decided on a vacation destination!

They span from the adventurous to the “staycation” types to a couple who have gone on some sort of walkabout since 2001 and have travelled to all corners of the world. The choice is yours or they might get you to start your own.

Getting cultured at #ArakuraSengen 🗻

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If these don’t inspire you, I don’t know what will! Travel agent brochures are SO yesterday!

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Who here loves a good ol’ happy ending-social media-pet finding mission? I do!

Last Saturday we had Vincent, a handsome fox labrador who went missing from a party when a departing guest left the front door open and the pooch wandered off. Just after 6AM on Saturday, a photo of Vincent went up on Twitter featuring the #findVincent hashtag. By early afternoon, the post had been retweeted 4,000 times and for about an hour it was the No 1 trending topic in London!

By 5pm on Saturday, Vincent had been found and reunited with his loving owner. Armies of dog walkers and passersby had truly committed their time to finding the adventurous K9. If only we applied the same commitment to other things in our world…

I’m Snapchatting It!

Now that Snapchat is making money…it wants to make a whole lot of it! As a result, we have the new McDonald’s sponsored filters that will pop up on your screen when you are near or in a MaccyD’s location.

Featuring a cheeseburger, bag of fries and a purple heart with “Lovin’ Summer Fun”, they are the first brand collaboration of this kind but with an estimated 200 million monthly active users, if this works – many will soon follow!

I can’t wait for the pizza ones…let’s face it Dominos will be in there like swimwear as will CocaCola. Those are my predictions!

It’s Jeb!

So this week is all about the 2016 nominations for US Presidency. But I’m not going to talk about Donald Trump, oh no. It’s all about Jeb! Right after announcing his candidacy, Jeb (G.W’s brother) went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and as we all know, the aura of “coolness” that emanates from such a move is to be reckoned with.

Over on YouTube we have Jimmy & Jeb slow jamming the news and propelling Jeb to the “he may be a Bush but that was pretty funny” level of politics, which is the winning level of politics. It’s clearly how elections are won or lost these days and if Jeb can pull it off, he will be the third Bush in the House. Shudder!

Enjoy the Summer weekend!

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