Fun Pop Mashup of the Week #28

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Hello, hello! I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen most of you. I bet you are all wonderful though and let’s face it, anyone looks good with the #FridayGlow except if you were too eager and went out yesterday evening in which case the glow might not be able to save you…but extra sleep over the weekend will! Whatever the reason, however you spin it, the weekend wins

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Now stop – mashup time!


Is it just me or are #hashtags getting longer and longer? Thank heavens we started writing different words with capital letters as the time spent deciphering what they are actually meant to say was terribly laborious!

Anyway, this week nostalgia reigned supreme over Twitter with #InThe90sIThought, a fine collection of everything from 90s music, TV shows, movies and of course – staple products! Brands were quick to tap into the Twitter trend and many delivered some fine examples of nostalgia marketing like so:

And my personal favourite, the 90s version of the Apple watch!

Summer Selfie Season

With Summer upon us and the exotic holiday extravaganzas about to begin, it’s all about Instagram.

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With the whole social media world involved in documenting each stage of their Summer frolics, from the airport drink to the breakfast buffet, through to evening cocktails and the tan lines…we are seeing clear patterns (no pun intended) emerging in our snaps. Here are the staples for this Summer:

The #AirplaneWing

The #HotdogLegs

The #Poolside

So bright…so hot 🌴☀️🌴 #summer #june #pool #summerfun #lazydays #poolside #sunburn

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and of course, The #hungover

Two Types Tumblr

Now, of course there are plenty of people in the world, each one with their own quirks, habits, likes and dislikes. But the 2kindsofpeople Tumblr account thinks we can pretty much be divided into two distinct types. Portuguese designed Joao Rocha, the mind and arm designer arm behind the project says:

2 Kinds of People is about the little differences that you find in everyone, regardless of age, sex or country. It’s not about you favorite brands, your city’s sports team or your political affiliation. It’s the smallest detail of everyday life that everybody can relate with.

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My two favourites are sushi and apps – boy oh boy are they true! I am definitely Type A (on the left). Check them out and see who you are!


wersm-2kindsofpeople-tumblr-apps wersm-2kindsofpeople-tumblr-chocolate

Cat Crop Top

Now I shall leave you with this Amazon review that went viral this week! It, of course, involves a cat reference which is why it is the highlight of the Mash. This top is on sale at

The existing reviews claimed it’s both a perfect fit or a bit on the small side. Yesterday however, Amazon user Christy told it like it is! The top fits the cat but that’s about it. And here is the photographic evidence to prove it.


#InThe90sIThought shopping would never pose such problems!


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