From Leads to Brand Advocates in 4 Steps [Infographic]

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Social media marketing is a major part of the marketing mix, and it is a great tool for lifecycle marketing because of the ability it provides to address customers’ needs throughout time. Therefore, it’s much more about creating leads, making conversions, and then turning customers into loyal brand advocates. Here are the four steps that you will need to take to do so.

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To explain this process, as well as the steps that are needed, here’s a very insightful infographic from Bluenose. The four steps needed to take you all the way from leads to brand advocacy are below.

Step 1: Generate Leads

The first step in the process is to generate leads by using all available channels to provide a great introduction to your brand. Social media, email marketing, advertising, events, press coverage… all create help you generate leads! Whatever your methods, you should be generating leads to turn into prospective customers.

Step 2: Nurture Leads

The second step is to be able to nurture those generated leads, increasing the chance of conversion within minutes. Did you know that we lose over 33% of leads because we are not able to answer questions effectively? The sales process requires preparation and fast reaction times. Studies show that fast reaction (less than 5 minutes) can increase chance of conversion 9 times!

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Step 3: Provide Customer Service

After conversion, your customers expect more from you! They need to feel appreciated and important after buying something. Customer service therefore, is paramount! Did you know that 70% of customers leave, due to poor quality of service? It is also important to customise communication with customers. 84% of marketers say that personalisation will impact loyalty and future retention.

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Step 4: Promote Customer Advocacy

The fourth step is to promote customer advocacy, and every step before it will impact its success. Very few people trust recommendations from brands and would rather trust friends’ recommendations. In fact, 90% of people trust recommendations from their friends. Therefore, customers create other customers, by influencing their peers. Your brand advocates need to feel special, so you need to reward them and keep them happy with special offers!


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