Foursquare Will Help Twitter Pinpoint Your Location

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Twitter users have always been able to indicate their location when tweeting, but only a few users actually make good use of the feature. Part of the reason behind this is that Twitter was never very good at pinpointing the right location of a user, often selecting a broad area, a whole city sometimes. But it is also because Twitter users are not so much interested in sharing where they are when tweeting. However, they could be way more interested in sharing locations of where they’d want to be, or where they’d like to meet up with other Twitter users.

And this is about to become much easier, thanks to a partnership between Twitter and Foursquare, that will allow Twitter  users to specify and tag location pulled from Foursquare’s database.

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Foursquare is regarded as one of the most detailed location database, thanks to millions of users adding information and feedback on locations they visit.

The deal gives Twitter access to Foursquare’s full location database to allow its users to select – or tag – a location when tweeting. Tags for location can be general or can be very specific, like a business name, a landmark or any other point of interest.

It may not sound like a big deal, but that means you will now be able to make plans to meet up on Twitter, or promote your business, including its location on Twitter.

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If you also use the built-in location feature on Twitter, your tweets  will still be labelled with your precise location in addition to any geo-tag selected from Foursquare‘s database.

A Profitable Deal For Both

Of course, the deal should also be a mutual revenue stream for Foursquare and Twitter, as the latter will likely look to extend its advertising solutions portfolio with hyper-local ads.

On the Foursquare side, this growing interest for partners looking for rich location data is no doubt an interesting monetisation strategy.


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