Foursquare Launches Dedicated App for Business Owners

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Foursquare continues its efforts to monetize its service with Foursquare For Business,  a new app aimed specifically at business managers. It makes it easy for them to post updates, activate specials and learn who their customers are.

Foursquare just recently tweaked its privacy policy to share more user information with local businesses, and it looks like it’s already putting some of that data to use in a new app now that the policy has gone into effect. Launched today for the iPhone and iPod touch, Foursquare for Business is just that — an app designed for business owners instead of customers.

In addition to letting managers upload new photos and refresh their specials regularly, it’ll also give them a peek into customer activity at their business (or businesses), including information on check-ins and the ability to keep an eye on their top customers. As Foursquare notes in its privacy policy, though, you can opt out of having that check-in information visible to businesses in the app’s privacy settings.

The app’s release comes a day after Foursquare’s new privacy policy took effect. Among other things, it allows businesses to see their recent visitors for a longer period of time — a fact that’s clearly taken advantage of in the new app.

What do you think of the new app? Will this be helpful for business managers?


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