Found Something You Really Like On Instagram? Now You Can Save It

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Ever since Instagram moved away from the chronological timeline, sometimes it can be difficult to find a post you liked. Maybe you didn’t have time to watch that funny video when you found it, or maybe you just want to have a second look at that beautiful picture your favourite brand shared yesterday.

Well, now you can save posts you would like to revisit later, on Instagram,

If you have updated to Instagram version 10.2, you can already see a new bookmark icon under each Instagram post. One tap  on  will add that post to your saved items.



To see posts you’ve saved, go to your profile and tap . Only you can see the posts you’ve saved, so don’t worry about anyone else seeing it! Even when you save someone’s post, they’re not able to tell that you’ve done so.

It’s a very useful new feature, in-line with Instagram’s efforts to become more of a marketing platform for brands. Shoppable posts are definitely the big aspect of transforming the platform, but for users, being able to save content to be seen or shared later, is a great way to use the platform as a shopping wishlist as well.

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