Ford Explorer Brings Print To Life

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What’s better than combining print with digital ads? Instead of having these two ‘schools’ of advertising competing against each other, we can actually bring them together and achieve greater impact. BBR Saatch & Saatchi Israel shows the way.

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The agency wanted to focus on Ford Explorer, an innovative vehicle with advanced technology features. The concept focused on three main functionalities: Park Assist, Power Fold and Adaptive Cruise Control.

BBR Saatch & Saatchi Israel created a hybrid campaign combining print and digital elements that matched the features of the product. More specifically, they have used traditional print ads in newspapers which prompt users to place their phones on a particular spot in the ad. That space contains a QR code which is scanned and it brings paper to life.

With this campaign Ford Explorer succeeded in making this campaign far more comprehensive to the audience. Instead of writing about the advantages of the vehicle, Ford demonstrates Explorer’s unique characteristics.

Check the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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