Food Art Like No Other, Only On Instagram

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It’s not only about getting a cute picture of your kale juice. Some users have taken food art on a whole new level, aiming not only to trigger likes on the Instagram, but also to promote a sustainable approach to food consumption.

An artist to watch and follow, is Danling Xiao. She creates intricate sculptures out of the most mundane food ingredients, as her Instagram handle (@Mundane_Matters) reveals. In her words,

emotional sculptures and sensory experiences using natural ingredients to nurture the mind and inspire sustainable creative living.

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Her ultimate goal is to inspire zero-waste living and promote workshops where anyone interested can create their own edible vegetable artwork. Check out her exceptional veggie work and be instantly inspired!

There are people who you meet at the first time, and you already feel the bond with them – @rosiefuture is one of those people to me. /// Rosie found out our workshop by browsing things to do in Sydney on her short visit. When she picked up my leftover broccoli out of the 'mystery box', she said she was going to make an island. Along the process, she was cutting bits and pieces, nibbling at the vegetables, chatting with everyone about nature, animals and the world. /// At the end she showed this thing ☝️ and described to me that there were two islands, floating; and there was a capsicum ladder that led people up to the islands. I thought it was a wonderful canapé idea. /// A curious, adventurous and futuristic mind. I am very fortunate to meet Rosie and keep in touch with her. ❤️🙌 #mundanematters #superlocalxmundanematters

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