Festivals And Social Media: The To-Do List

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With the (so far cloudy) UK festival season well underway, and Glastonbury only 2 days around the corner, we thought now would be a great time to run a few posts around using social media at/for music festivals and outdoor events.

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First off; The Basics. If you’re a keen social media user for business or pleasure, here’s some top tips to keep you Tweeting images of you and your mates at 3am to close relatives and your old boss who now follows you, whilst maximising engagement:

1. Try And Identify Influential Accounts And Supercharged Users In Advance Of The Event.

Check out festival or event pages for the hashtags they use, and look for accounts posting regularly using them. If you can engage with these accounts and build some rapport beforehand, they’re more likely to share your content if you tag them in once the event is up and running. Getting content shared by influential accounts will help increase your post reach and engagement.

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2. Find Out What People Are Talking About Before You Get There.

Online tools such as Social Mention, Addict-o or Social Crawlytics allow you to monitor use of words, phrases, and hashtags, positive and negative sentiment around posts, related keywords, and top users. Let these platforms do the hardwork for you, and condensate on making your content more engaging than that of your competitors!

3. Scheduling

You can upload content to your favourite channels using scheduling tools which allow you to post a ton of stuff in one go, then turn your device off for a few hours. Facebook allows you to do this from within the ‘Pages Manager’ app. For Instagram and Twitter try the fantastic Crowdfire App ‘TakeOff’, which allows smart scheduling which posts at the optimal time when most of your followers are online, and also suggests relevant hashtags you might want to use depending on your post content to maximise reach and engagement.

4. Know Your Audience, Which Channels They Use, Where They Congregate.

Images work across most social channels very well, videos generally now get more engagement on Facebook than YouTube, links display very well in Facebook and allow you to upload your own thumbnails. Do your research! Use Facebook groups, find the best hash tags for Twitter and Instagram, and look at what times are the best to post using built in analytical tools, or platforms such as FollowerWonk or TweetLift.

5. Power Is King!

You don’t want your phone juice running out any time soon, so buy a rechargable USB battery pack, put your phone onto power saving mode, turn off all unnecessary connectivity such as wifi when the phones not in use, and put your screen brightness on the lowest setting. Solar chargers are available at most events, as are recharge points but these can be pricey and the lengthy queues might make you miss the Foo Fighters.

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