Feel Like Something Was Missing From Your Facebook Profile? Tags, Of Course!

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New Zealand is not only one of the first countries to celebrate New Years Day, but it also appears to be the only country where Facebook is currently testing its new feature. What is it all about? Keep reading!

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According to TheNextWeb, the social media network is rolling out to selected users in NZ a new feature that will let them add tags to their profiles. Reminds you of something familiar? Well, you may be right. This new “system” is fairly similar to LinkedIn‘s skills and endorsements tags.

These tags could work in a similar way, too. As reports say, friends will be able to add tags to your profile, such as “funny” or “foodie” or even “photographer”. Recipients of such tags will then get notifications and they will be able to select which ones they want to keep and make visible to everyone.

Another similarity with LinkedIn’s mechanism is that friends will get to upvote the tags, which will then appear in descending order.

wersm fb feature tag profiles

What does this mean for you? Apparently, Facebook is borrowing features from other social networks and perfecting them. The important part here is that the social network wants to be your sole destination when it comes to connecting with people and catching up with news and trends.

Will it succeed?

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