Fans Of Collage, Layout Is The Instagram App For You

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Until now, if you wanted to upload a “collage” or photo mosaic on Instagram, you had to use a third party app, and there are dozens of them actually. Well, you will not need them anymore, because Instagram has just launched Layout, a standalone app that lets you easily combine multiple photos into a single image and upload it on Instagram.

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Layout is a free app and it, of course, works almost seamlessly with Instagram. It’s fun, it’s simple and it will no doubt unleash your creativity.

You can pick up to nine photos from your phone’s Camera Roll. Note that images do not have to be taken via Instagram, they could be snapped from your phone’s camera or even uploaded from somewhere else.

Layout will organise your images in 3 sections: recent photos snapped, photos with people’s face in them and a third section with all your images. Layout also comes with a fun feature called “Photo Booth” that uses your phone’s front camera to snap 4 shots in quick succession (much like a photo booth, hence the name.)

Once you’ve selected your photos, Layout will suggest up to 10 different collage templates, depending on how many photos you have selected. Then it is up to you and your visual creativity: drag and drop photos to reorganise them, pinch to zoom, flip and rotate,  and there’s even a “mirror” effect that duplicates part of a shot.

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And when you’re happy with the result, you can share the collage directly from the app to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Slack and others. Twitter, however, did not make the cut, surprising? #not.


Layout is actually the second standalone app that Instagram launched over the past months. In fact, both Hyperlapse and Layout share very similar logo and UX. This is probably part of an overall stratregy aiming to put Instagram in the lead of social imagery, who knows?

Layout from Instagram is currently only available for iOS devices, with an Android version of the app coming in the next few months.

➤ Download Layout for iOS:


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