Facebook’s Town Hall Allows Users To Connect With Their Local Representatives

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Facebook is “political,” whether we like it or not. It has become a place where users get into political conversations each day, and many have even attributed Donald Trump’s election to the spread of “fake news” on the social network. Now, it’s getting even more political, with the launch of a brand new feature – Town Hall.  

Facebook has the ability to profoundly affect the world of politics, and this is something CEO Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged publicly. Now, the company has launched a feature that promises to make more of a real impact on the political discussion, by allowing Facebook users in the United States to contact their local politicians. The new feature – Town Hall- available both on desktop and mobile is rolling out to users this week.


Town Hall appears in Settings on your Facebook app, or at facebook.com/townhall. You simply add your address, and then Facebook will show you the representatives in your area/district. After finding the list of representatives, you can then Like their Facebook Pages to follow them and stay updated with their policies. Finally, you can also contact them directly through Town Hall by finding the appropriate contact information for each – call, email, or message on Messenger.

The feature is meant to increase civic engagement, and Facebook really seems to have the ability to do this effectively. Town Hall is not the only way in which Facebook is getting more political. The social network also said it will soon launch local election reminders – to remind people to vote. After all, voting is super important for political change to happen.

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