Facebook Will Now Track Online And Offline Sales Driven By Ads

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Facebook is looking to expand its advertising solutions, by adding offline sales measurement to its suite, which will track whether your online Facebook ads lead to actual offline sales.

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According to Techcrunch, Facebook has worked closely with Nielsen and Datalogix throughout the development of this new conversion lift feature which is gradually rolling out to more advertisers’ accounts.

More specifically, the idea behind the implementation is based on observation. Facebook looks at two groups of buyers, those that were exposed to Facebook ads and those that weren’t. Then it compares the data with advertiser’s conversion rates which derive from various sources, such as pixel tracking or in-store POS.

wersm facebook tracks offline sales conversions

This technique allegedly helps advertisers know what’s happening after the last click, especially when this doesn’t contribute to the completion of an online sale. In fact, businesses will have a clearer idea of whether their ad can influence purchase decisions, thus they will know if their Facebook ads work, which ones are more effective and allocate their budget effectively and in a smarter way.

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