Facebook Will Auto-Play Video With The Sound On

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This is one update that will change everything we thought we knew about Facebook video. 

We thought sound wasn’t important because most people watched videos on Facebook with the sound off. We also thought captions were a great way to gain more engagement on videos.

This was all true, but this was ONLY because Facebook was auto-playing videos with the sound off. And now, everything is changing. Because Facebook video will now auto-play with the sound on.

Will captions still be important? Yes, probably. Will some people still watch your video with the sound off? Yes, this is likely. But it also means that many, possibly most, users will now have your videos auto-playing with sound, which also indicates that you have a new chance to catch their attention… or scare them off.

Sounds is now becoming important again for your video, so make sure you approach this new update with all the significance it deserves. The success of your Facebook video marketing may very well depend on it. Moreover, it shows once again that we are totally relying on the will of Facebook… *sigh*

The upgrade also brings on a few other cool video features:

  • – Vertical videos will now play full-screen with just one tap
  • – You will be able to minimise a video and keep watching it while scrolling through your News Feed
  • – Finally, it’s easier than ever to scroll through with the new progress bar.

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