Facebook Wants You To Stop Going On YouTube

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Facebook is eager to challenge YouTube’s supremacy on videos and the latest updates are here to prove that Facebook is taking this very seriously. It’s playing footsie with original content creators to become the #1 platform for videos, and it is testing a new feature to go even further in what could be interpreted as another mini act-of-war.

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According to TheNextWeb, Facebook’s newest trick comes under the form of a little warning below the share box when a Page admin pastes a link from YouTube. It highlights why you should upload your content directly on Facebook, by giving a little reminder: native videos get more organic impressions and video views can be tracked.


 Credit: TheNextWeb

Until now, most videos going viral on the social network were re-uploads on YouTube, which explains why Facebook is ranking them lower than other content. That came with the threat of people and Pages alike stealing videos and uploading them as their own. Zuck’s team is well aware and carry on developing features to combat copyright violations such as “Audible Magic”, a tool to identify copyrighted creations.

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Here’s an extract of what a Facebook representative said to the TNW team:

[…] As video continues to grow on Facebook, we’re actively exploring further solutions to help IP owners identify and manage potential infringing content, tailored for our unique platform and ecosystem. This is a significant technical challenge to solve, but we have a team working on it and expect to have more to share this summer. […]

With a reported 4 billion daily video views, all the efforts Facebook is putting down are gaining steam. Whether Facebook will outdo Google’s baby is another story, but it is trying relentlessly to pull away its users. For now, content creators rely mostly on YouTube as their primary source for uploading videos but Facebook has become a viable platform to reach another audience and grow the numbers.

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