Facebook Wants To Change The Way We Schedule Meetings

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Facebook has an eye on the business world lately. After Facebook At Work, and rumours of launching its own CRM platform, Facebook could be planning to build a new tool to help us schedule meetings more efficiently.

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A report from Venture Beat explained that a patent called “System and methods for scheduling a meeting” was formally published by Facebook last week.

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The patent application shows an interesting “scoring” concept to help organisers find ideal times and places for meetings, based on feedback from attendees. Once the “scoring” system has established the best possible time and place, the system can of course send out calendar invitations to the selected attendees.


This new “app” could radically change the way business meetings are scheduled. Should it become part of Facebook itself (rather than being just for Facebook employees), it would help hundreds of millions of users to organise better meetings with their friends. Chances are that this app would, however, first make its way to the more professional Facebook At Work, before hitting the wider audience.

It seems that after establishing its reign over social networking, Facebook is now starting to really focus on taking over the business side of online applications.

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