Are You Ready For Facebook vs Alexa?

by • July 28, 2017 • Breaking News, FacebookComments Off on Are You Ready For Facebook vs Alexa?3539

Facebook could be working on its own smart speaker device, reports say, putting it in direct competition with Amazon, Apple and Google.

The reports claim that, instead of focusing on voice recognition, Facebook’s smart speaker will also come equipped with a 15-inch screen and geared towards image display and with touch screen capabilities. Sounds like iPad? It might as well be something like that!

In fact, Facebook‘s device will include a speaker as well, which will make it a competitor to Amazon’s Echo Show, which features a tactile 7-inch LCD screen that can be used for playing media, making video calls and more functionalities.

How could Facebook’s new device be helpful in an already saturated space? For once, Facebook knows pretty much everything about its users, from everyday habits, to brand affiliations to travel plans and important life milestones. In that respect, it would be nicely integrated with M, its enhanced AI assistant to be one’s PA.

The smart device is reportedly designed and developed by Facebook’s Building 8 division, whose focus is to “create and ship new, category-defining consumer hardware products that are social first”. The team consists of world-class experts, we drive innovation in the areas of augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, connectivity, and more. Building 8 is currently hiring at large rates, possibly signaling Facebook’s interest in coupling its online platform with connected devices for everyday use.

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