Facebook Users In EU Can Now Choose Their Legacy Contact

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Facebook has always been about celebrating friendships. But, nothing is forever and there will always be a time where we will have to face the tragic loss of a loved one. And then, even if Facebook will not be a priority in our minds, there will be the question of what can and should be done with the person’s profile.

Today, Facebook finally made available the option to select a legacy contact for users in Europe.

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A legacy contact is basically the person you assign to be able to manage your Facebook profile after you die. I know, this is not a happy subject, but it still is one we need to talk about and help you take care of.

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This option has already been available for quite some months in the US, but it is the first time Facebook makes available to other users, outside the States. Starting now, the legacy profile will also become updateable. So the friend or relative you chose to take care of your account will now be able to change the profile picture, the cover image, write a post at the top of the memorial timeline and respond to friend requests.

It is important you take the steps to select your legacy contact, so you know that someone will take care of your account. To do so, visit your security settings (settings>security settings) and then choose “legacy contact.” Then choose the friend you want and approve. At this stage, you can also message this friend to let her know about your wish.


When setting up your legacy contact, you can also opt to give her the option to download an archive of all your content and posts shared on Facebook, although they will not get access to private messages.

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A memorial account is not exciting and it is not happy news. But it is something that we may have to face at some point and it was important that Facebook dealt with it.


➤ Adding a Legacy Contact [Facebook]

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