Facebook Upgrades and Improves its Conversion Lift Tool

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A few months ago, Facebook launched Conversion Lift, a tool that helps advertisers get the most out of every click, and the ability to know whether their Facebook ads are working or how well they are working. Now, Facebook is improving Conversion Lift, giving advertisers the opportunity to test the specifics of an ad campaign, not just to find out whether it worked or not.

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Up until now, the tool was used mainly in order to figure out whether an ad campaign was working. For example, “did it bring any sales?” The tool didn’t give you the ability to test different ads to find out whether one worked better and by how much. This new functionality is available in the upgraded version of the tool. Brad Smallwood, vice president of measurements and insights at Facebook explained that the feedback that they were getting from customers inspired them to make the changes:

“When we’ve gotten feedback on the Conversion Lift stuff, one of the big improvements we were asked for was, ‘I want to be able to test more things as I run campaigns, as opposed to just finding out if it worked,’”

The upgraded Conversion Lift tool allows advertisers to create and compare between test and control groups, testing which ads and ad units have the best results. So, for example they can test direct response versus brand ads, product versus lifestyle ads or even which devices are providing the best results. Previously, this was not possible as the tool examined only the difference between groups who did or didn’t see the ads. That, compared with data of conversions (from a tracking pixel for example) gave advertisers some basic – yet important – data.

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Last but not least, on the list of important improvements, is the ability for advertisers to see whether their ads are leading to in-app sales. Downloads are not the most important metric for app developers anymore – now that one can pretty much track absolutely anything!

Anyone notice the changes yet? Care to comment on how they’ve helped you in your work?

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